4 janvier 2006


Fausse joie L'excellent Confined Space suit l'affaire. Extraits choisis:

According to the Mine Safety and Health Administration, the Sago Mine had been cited over 200 times in the past year [...] The mine's injury rate is three times the industry average and it has been plagued by a dozen roof falls in the last half of last year. [...] In the past year, large sections of the mine's rocky roof collapsed on at least 20 occasions -- but not when workers were in the affected tunnels. Some of the collapsed sections were rocky slabs of up to 100 feet long. The most recent roof collapse occurred on Dec. 5, less than a month before Monday's explosion.

Quinze personnes meurent chaque jour d'un accident de travail aux États-Unis.
Voir aussi le Top 10 "Workplace Health and Safety Stories of 2005".

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